So it Begins…

Life can really suck sometimes. The economy is crap, people are losing their jobs left and right and I am having a REALLY bad hair day! It would be easy to sink into in a endless abyss of despair….who could blame you? Still, somehow among the muck and mire life goes on. SO, we had better make the best of it! Hence, ‘Think Golden’ was created! This is just a regular gal’s attempt at making lemonade out of lemons. Once a day (I’ll try my best) I will find ONE thing to be positive about…ONE thing to be thankful for…ONE golden nugget to hold on to. Living my life like its GOLDEN, one day at a time.

So here it is…the first ray of sunshine: Today I am thankful that I have wonderful friends who send me little notes of encouragement, just because! You girls rock!

Stay tuned….


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