Get UP!!!!!

Today was a lazy day. You know one of those days where you do absolutely nothing and feel no guilt for it! I love those days. Everybody needs one of those days once in a while. On this day I was able to sit back in quiet reflection and just be….and then I got bored. 😦

That is the problem with lazy days…boredom sets in and all that reflection starts to make you sick of yourself! So, I turned on the music! I LOVE the new song Get Up by Mary Mary! It is so inspiring! It just makes you, well, GET UP!!!! A little thought provoking and it’s fun! So anyway, I got my daily dose of inspiration and a little bit of perspective! Daily Nugget: Today I am grateful for the occasional lazy day which lends itself to much needed inspiration, perspective and a swift kick in the pants! P.S. Have you tried Green Tea ice cream? Oh my gosh it is sooooo good….get into this!

For your listening pleasure:


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