Laughter: Food for the Soul!

So, today was a little better! I certainly got a laugh! This morning I woke up to the sound of whimpering coming from one of my dogs. So I got up to investigate only to find both of my dogs stuck together! Scratching your head? Well it seems that my female long haired chihuahua (Dee) is in heat and my male chihuahua/Pomeranian looking dog (Bullet) was more than happy to engage her in some morning doggie nookie. Only, she clamped down and he got stuck! Oh, but that is not even the funny part! The kicker is Dee has a good 15 pounds on Bullet and, in an effort to unhook herself, Dee was walking and literally dragging Bullet behind her! Ha! I almost died laughing. It took about 15 minutes for Dee to finally relax enough to turn Bullet loose and when she did, Bullet quickly took to another room to lick himself! Meanwhile, Dee could not have looked more happy or satisfied! I love it! HA!

Anywho…nothing really happened today. Well, I did submit my first grad school application, so that was cool…but other than that, nada! So, I figured I would just give a little random information about myself…in case there is anyone out there who actually cares. Enjoy!

1. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX!
2. I have one older brother…(7 years apart)!
3. I have an irrational fear of vomiting…seriously it freaks me out just thinking about it!
4. I also have an irrational fear of losing all of my teeth!
5. I love green tea ice cream!
6. I often overuse the exclamation point!
7. I used to be a flight attendant…crazy people fly on planes!
8. I was privileged to be able to go to Albuquerque, NM to help campaign for President Barack Obama. I walked door to door for five days canvassing for change and celebrated with my peers on November 4th when President Obama won the election. We made NM blue!
9. I am not a morning person (ha! no shock there.)!
10. My dream vacation would be to go to Italy and indulge myself in pasta, wine and gelato!
11. I hope to be in grad school by this Fall at a particular institution on the east coast!
12. Several times a day (if I am home) I will go to the refrigerator, open the door, stare at its contents, close the door, and continue with whatever it was I was doing before. Yes, I know I’m weird!
13. I really hate sarcasm! I don’t respond well to it!
14. I have an insane amount of nail polish, yet most of the time I don’t wear any at all!
15. I can’t cook, but I would like to learn!
16. I hate talking on the phone…i would rather talk to you in person or just text (if I can’t talk to you in person)!
17. I have 1 tattoo and 4 piercings!
18. I have become obsessed with the wonders of blush! I mean it really wakes up your face!
19. I’ve been experimenting with colored eye liners…greens and blues!
20. I don’t like body washes…I would much rather have the bar of soap!
21. I love to read!
22. I really don’t care too much for juices…I find them to be just to sweet most of the time!
23. I’m obsessed with milk bath products. One fave is Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath Soak…mmmm, it just sounds so nourishing!
24. One of my goals is to take up pilates and yoga this year (and hopefully lose some weight)!
25. The Olive Garden’s house Italian Salad Dressing is the best!

Golden Nugget: Today I’m thankful that today was better than yesterday.


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