Angels On Earth

I was having a conversation with my best friend yesterday about how our lives has been tough lately. We were both speaking about how we are trying to keep the faith, but it has been difficult. I admitted that, at times, I felt I had lost my faith…that sometimes it was just really hard to see through all the crap in my life to believe that things really are going to get better. Still, we both desperately wanted to believe….

Today I called my mother to ask her if we had any stamps. “You won’t believe what happened!” she said. She began to tell me a story that rekindled my faith in people, in humanity, and in God. My mom works for a company that escorts people with physical and mental disabilities. She basically picks up and drops off people any where they need to go. Today, she was picking up a little old man and taking him to his dialysis appointment. He’s a regular and always holds long conversations with my mom.

On one trip, they traded stories about their lives. My mom told him about her kids (she is so proud), and the little old man told my mom about his life.  He regaled her with stories about his life and confided that his wife is terminally ill and when she dies, he wants to stop taking dialysis so that he can go with her. At this point in the story I started to cry.

On this day, however, when my  mom came to pick him up he asked that she come inside for a moment. “My wife has something for you” he said. The little old lady handed my mom an envelope. “Don’t open it until you are in the car alone”, she said.  “Ok, well I don’t know what it is, but thank you!”, said my mom. As she escorted the little old man into the car to take him to dialysis he told my mom, “you can go ahead and open it now…since its just you and me.” My mom complied and opened the envelope to find $2oo dollars in cash. She looked at him with questions in her eyes. “Do you remember when you told me about how when your kids were little,  you were living in an apartment with no heat in the dead of winter and you had to stuff bed sheets under the door to keep the heat, from a little space heater you had, in the room?” he asked.  She nodded. “Well this is just to kind of make up for that…I know things are tough for you right now but, as my wife always says, we  can’t take it (the money) with us.”

Yesterday I wasn’t sure. Today, I know more than ever that everything will be ok.

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Today I am grateful for answered prayers. I needed a sign, and God sent his angels on earth.


Running Til I Finish…

One of my best friends in the world, who is incredibly talented, asked me to find the song “Run Til I Finish” by Smokie Norful for a production he is putting on. So, I did a little searching and sent it to him. Sometimes I think he is a little intuitive because this song was exactly what I needed to hear. “I knew you would like it”, he told me…and I did!

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Today I am thankful for my friends who I think sometimes know me better than I know myself. I love you!